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Should I get pre-approved?

It is strongly recommended as there are several benefits to getting pre-approved. For starters, you will know how much house you can buy. For example: If you are looking at a $400,000 house but aren’t sure if you can afford that much… the simple pre-approval process will show you just how much you can spend.

Another benefit to getting Pre-Approved is that you are making yourself a more desirable buyer. To put it another way: If you were selling your home, would you rather accept an offer from a buyer who has spoken to a lender and received a pre-approval for their loan … or would you rather accept an offer from a buyer who hasn’t talked to anyone?

Get pre-approved today by submitting the “Rate Quote!” form. Note that being pre-approved does not guarantee loan approval; loans are underwritten once a purchase contract has been signed by all parties.

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