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Dear First Time Home Buyer

Dear First Time Home Buyer,

I can feel your heart beating out of your chest as you think about the cost of a new house as you sit across the desk from me. I can sense your nervousness as you think, “We can’t really afford this, can we?”. I know you worry and wonder why you should even own a house. Is it fiscally responsible? Do we have enough savings? Do we have enough down payment?

Then there are all the choices. I can hear you saying to yourself; Where do we live? Why would we live there? Do they have good restaurants nearby? Bars? Our new house just HAS to be within walking distance of at least one local watering hole, right? How many bedrooms do we need? Two. Two is plenty. One for us, and one for a friend to stay over from time to time. But what about Christmas? We want to host Christmas this year in our new home, right? Okay… better get a 3 bedroom. But one bathroom is plenty, right? Oh wait, I married a man… we’re gonna need a 2nd bathroom. Wait, we surely can’t afford a 3 bedroom 2 bath right?

You even wonder to yourself what if we have kids? Can we live in this house if we had a kid… or two? Oh dear Lord… what if we had twins? What about the school district… oh that doesn’t matter… we just got married… we won’t be having kids for 5-6 years, we’ll LONG be out of this house by then! Right?

Finally there is the biggest question you have; Should we get a pet? Yes. Get a dog as soon as you move in okay? Not a cat. Cats are cool and all, but a dog… a dog will make your life complete. There is just something about puppy breath and little puppy teeth gnawing away on your older sisters hand-me-down couch that is just so endearing.


Mike B.
A guy… who does mortgages and stuff, but who mostly is just doing life. Life is good. Take a step back. Take a deep breath. And then do some life with me.

PS, I’ll be here for you when you need me.

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