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Fountain Mortgage:
The Home Purchase Experts

Does a great home purchase process exist? It sure does. Welcome to it.

Our FAST loan processing system combined with the expertise that comes from closing hundreds of millions of dollars in loans has allowed us to assemble a portfolio of purchase loan options that produces the best possible loan for every situation.

Super low rates? Yep. Low closing costs? Of course. A process that makes it easy for everyone involved? Absolutely. Find out what we can do for you by clicking the “Rate Quote” button, below.

Some of our popular Purchase programs:

  • VA: Possibly the best purchase loan in existence, the VA’s purchase loan program allows eligible borrowers to purchase a home with as little as a 0% down-payment. This program also features forgiving underwriting guidelines that allow borrowers with higher debt-to-income ratios and/or lower credit scores to still purchase the home of their dreams. Like all of our loan programs, our VA loans feature a super low rate.
  • FHA: This program is popular with first-time home buyers as it allows for eligible borrowers to purchase a home with as little as a 3.5% down payment (the lowest down payment available outside the VA Loan) and it generally has less restrictive underwriting requirements. The FHA even allows for you to use “gift” funds from a family member for your down-payment.
  • Conventional: Conventional loans have historically required a 20% down-payment, but not any more. Our portfolio allows borrowers to buy their primary home using a Conventional loan with only a 5% down-payment. No PMI options? Check. Super low rates? Of course. FAST closings? Absolutely.



Purchase FAQ:

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