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VA Loans

Benefits of a VA Mortgage

Our most popular loan program… Super VA loans can be found right here.

The VA loan program — by any standard — is simply wonderful. Regardless of your mortgage needs, if you are eligible for a VA loan, you should strongly consider using this VA benefit as VA loans will typically have the lowest rate and lowest fees of any loan program.

Are you eligible?

  • Veterans: If you served for at least 90 days on active duty during war time, you are likely eligible.
  • Veterans: If you served for at least 181 days on active duty during peacetime, you are likely eligible.
  • National Guard and Reserve: If you served for at least 6 years in the Selected Service or National Guard (with an honorable discharge), you are likely eligible.
  • Eligibility: Detailed eligibility information can be found here: VA Home Loan Eligibility

Refinance benefits:

  • Streamline refinance (IRRRL): If you are currently in a VA loan, you can refinance with no appraisal and no income documentation. This loan lowers your rate and lowers your payment and can be closed quickly.
  • Cash-out refinance: Payoff credit cards, consolidate debt, take cash-out for home improvements or for whatever you deem necessary.
  • Purchase: Arguably the best purchase loan available, a VA purchase loan doesn’t require a down-payment and has the most forgiving underwriting guidelines of the major purchase programs.
  • Jumbo VA loans: A VA Jumbo loan offers borrowers the benefit of the VA loan program for larger loan amounts. VA Jumbo loans by Affinity Mortgage feature our low rates, low closing costs and quick closings.



Purchase FAQ:

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Refinance FAQ:

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